The largest international industry as 95 million people are the main representatives of Amazon and 150 million Amazon users worldwide, you have a very big addressable public as a vendor on Amazon. Amazon has tremendous potential for sellers. In 2014 alone, 2 million users sold over 2 billion products globally, which means that Amazon allows its retailers access to a large and already successful buyer pool.


The E-commerce giant Amazon, with 102 more countries entering the South Asian country on its website, added Pakistan to its certified list of sellers.

\”An excellent advancement like Amazon eventually accepted the possibility of the products being exported by our sellers. Starting operations in Pakistan in the Amazon region will give our young people the chance to join a new group of young men and women entrepreneurs in exporting their products \”Tweeted by Prime minister

This transition would assist traders in selling their goods abroad.

So, we do not think you can limit your chances and register with Amazon today as a seller!

To create your own Amazon seller account, just click on https://services.amazon.com/ you will be redirected to the main page. Take the instructions below:


Don\’t rush, scroll down through the street

To do this, right-click the \”make money\” button to see the price option when you are asked to opt-out of two options.
According to your sales schedule, you must opt to use \”private\” schemes if you plan to sell fewer than 40 items a month or you can use a \”professional plan,\” which would save you $39.99 for special services.

Don\’t rush, scroll down through the street

Enter an email and a password for your seller account after selecting the required plan.
Click on the \”Create a New Account\” option.
It is the screen on which you can access or otherwise build your current account.

Business type and location:

Sharing is the next step:
The area in which your company is present in the country. Amazon will check it later, so providing accurate information is very essential.
If you do not have a bank account or citizenship in any country where Amazon is allowed to do business, your business position can\’t be Pakistan.
To solve this obstacle, you need a physical address that can be used with support from EJAD LABS PLUS and this allows you to open an account with your partner US banks and provide a virtual address that you can add here.
Business style when you are asked to choose your company from the following options:
Company of public property
State held company
Private enterprise
Charitable activities
Nobody, I\’m an individual.
The complete name should be precise to resist difficulties.
Select \”Continue and Accept\” to go to the stage below.

Step 1 – Information about personal data

For the registration to be completed, a number of your personal information (e.g., your passport or driver\’s license) and your phone number are required, which mostly include the Identity Form.
You are not going to be used as the Pakistani phone number, but you can get EjadPlus help and get your own US interactive phone number for $ 10.
To continue, click on \’next\’:

Step 2 – Choose a location

If the \’Individual Information\’ portion has been completed, please check the box below and pick the location where your items are to be sold.
It refers to the Amazon shop\’s location (e.g., Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, etc.).
Since the position of the marketplace cannot be Pakistan, you should then add the address from EjadPlus.
Click ‘next’ once you have selected your marketplace.

Step 3 – Verification through billing information

To ensure the authenticity of credit card details Amazon requests that you enter one of the credit cards with the name appearing in the card number and expiry date.
Tap on Next to switch to the next screen to add the address you listed previously.
EjadPlus ensures that you get actual letters and initial documentation to keep the process transparent.

Step 4 – Store/Product Information (s)

You are asked several questions about your Amazon shop and items you want to sell during the validity test on your credit card.

You must say:

Amazon shop name
if the product(s) do or do not have UPCs
If you purchase and/or import the product(s) you are selling on Amazon.
If you have a trademark associated with your product (s)
After answering these questions, click the \’Next button.

Step 5 – Amazon Address Validation

After you have completed all the above steps and have successfully verified other facts, the business address you gave in the previous steps will be confirmed.
You will be asked to confirm by the Address Verification Screen that Amazon will deliver the special code to your address via a Postcard and then press \”Confirm\” to proceed (It will take nearly 7 days).
To resist authentication issues, EjadPlus sends its clients postcards as soon as possible.
If the postcard has been sent, enter the code given in the field \”Enter code below\” and right-click \”Next\” to end the check procedure.
Your login form will be completed after checking.
For security purposes, you can even do a 2-step check on your account, but this isn\’t mandatory.
Go to https://sellercentral.amazon.com to get started.
The screen above will look like the newly built seller account home screen (Obviously at this point your home screen sales profile would not include any products.

Opportunity to Lifetime

The only regret is the chances we have not taken and you have a good opportunity to show yourself because there are completely open ways to get the shop on Amazon. Take a chance today because you never know how amazing an easy thing or chance is. You may be the next Pakistani to sell Amazon as a Sialkot man who made $1.1 million in sales by selling sporting products in the millions of dollars.

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