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If you’ve been a part of managing a social media marketing platform to promote a business, and also make use of social media for personal purposes you\’ll know that it\’s a distinct ballgame.

In particular, when you’re making it your first time, the sole experience will be personal. How can you be sure how to avoid the haze of social media marketing for business?

This article will highlight some of the most common mistakes that marketers make on social media to be aware of when marketing your business on any social media site. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anything else, they all have their own rules.

A marketing agency knows how to utilize the social media channels of your company to their fullest potential, and will dedicate time to enhancing them and this is something you should consider in the future.

Following/Interacting With Profiles

One of the first things Prototype Creative recommends avoiding on social media is engaging or following profiles just to get attention. Prototype Creative recognizes the huge buzz around following to follow however, as a business it\’s not enough…

There will be more followers, but is there any merit to your company within the group of followers? In addition, like a number of random posts and making comments could be beneficial, and you\’ll get noticed but it is important to make sure that you\’re doing it on appropriate accounts for the appropriate level of exposure.

When following/interacting you should always look under relevant hashtags or searches that relate to your business industry or target audience. They will provide important interactions that will result in more customers.

The growth of a fan base of random users could cause less interaction with the accounts you want to interact with because they won\’t be interested in what you write about.

Don\’t Create the Same Type of Content

A lot of businesses fall to this blunder, and they continue to reuse the same types of content and lose customers and engagement. It\’s not surprising that companies don\’t have the time to develop the best strategy for content marketing to change the content they publish.

Sometimes, it is efficient to work with a social media marketing company like Bite Digital specialized in industry research and creating content.

Sometimes it\’s just an investigation into your competition and current trends on every social platform to determine the best way to perform and how you can mix the two. If you\’re a business that sells shoes, for instance, it is beneficial to include several promotional posts in addition to the company\’s news, updates from users\’ giveaways, and daily updates.

Becoming Inactive

It is essential to continue acting on your social channels, or being active with other tools like Stories, IGTV, Reels, and so on. If your followers see that you haven\’t posted for a long time you could lose followers and reducing the credibility that social media can bring to your business.

It also lowers the risk of being exposed to new traditions and their followers.

It doesn\’t need all day long to be used to engage and prove that you\’re active however, it\’s better to stay on top of it and update your profile regularly.

Writing and Copying the Exact Same Post for Each Platform.

This is a major error for any company that uses this method. Utilizing the same content using the same text hashtags, hashtags, emojis, as well as tone of voice be distributed across different social media platforms. If you\’re posting a tweet using hashtags and emojis on LinkedIn LinkedIn the post will not be as popular as it would on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a platform professionals use to conduct business. It is possible to use a number of hashtags or Emojis to your Tweet, however, it\’s best to reduce your tweets when you post to LinkedIn. Make sure that your tone is appropriate since what is informal on Twitter should be professional on LinkedIn.

Prototype Creative\’s top tip is to be aware of what you post and where it\’s going. An excellent example of a social media account that has a variety of material includes Bite Digital.

Not Scheduling Content
Afraid to schedule social posts is a major error! It is essential that you plan your content to be posted on specific dates throughout the month. If you do this, you don\’t have to think about what to write in the event that you discover you\’ve missed posting.

It also helps you avoid the hassle of forgetting to post and ensures that you don\’t waste your time every day thinking about what you should publish.

If you\’re looking for additional reasons why it\’s recommended to plan your content, specifically in 2021, visit this blog article on the subject.


These five are Prototype Creativity\’s five most common mistakes to avoid when setting up an account for business in social media. If you avoid these, you\’ll be able to draw in the most valuable users and cut out the remainder. It\’s not worth having a massive following on social media and a large number of followers in the event that the majority of those don\’t have any interest or commitment in your company.

Be active and remember that social media can be an important element of digital marketing when properly researched and organized and executed correctly.

Sometimes, making sure that your social media platforms are in good health requires constant monitoring. This is something that an established digital marketing agency called Bite Digital is able to assist you with.

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