What is Link Juice?

Link juice is a term used in SEO and plays a vital role in ranking pages and helping websites to link building, with help of link juice your website page can get good Follow links. It is also called Ranking optimization; each link transmits to the landing page.

How Does Link Juice Work?

For Example, you have sites A and B. If their ranking factors are constant and site A has one link while site B has no links, site A will rank higher in search results due to the link juice it receives from the external site linking to it. Therefore, if site B also gains one link?  Then the amount of juice each link passes. Mention in the diagram below. Site A receives links from four sites while B receives links from two sites. All the linking sites receive link juice from other sites too. when A receives links from more sites, there is more link juice being transferred to A and consequently, A is likely to rank higher than B in search results. Note: These results assume the sites linking to A and B have similar authority.



We consider that passing link juice happens in both directions. So, now let us say that the sites linking to site A all also link to other sites too (represented by the grey arrows in the diagram below), whereas the sites linking to site B exclusively link to B. In this case, the percentage of link juice that B receives is higher than the percentage of link juice that site A receives. This increases site B’s chance of ranking higher than site A.


Sculpting link juice

No-follow link preserves the loss of link juice from the outbound link, which is known as page rank sculpting, this is the way the link juice moved from the page.

Now in this diagram, it shows with do-follow Links (the links which are not no-followed) In this the transfer of link juice is distributed equally to the outgoing links from a website.


A Webmaster adds a no-follow attribute to the outgoing links, only then the page rank sculpting is possible. This means that link juice transfer to the page is no-followed but can be distributed to other links as shown in the diagram below.


In the next diagram, the site distributes the link juice to all three websites equally. The only difference is the no-follow link didn’t receive it.


In this case, you can see the leaking of link juice from the home page to the no-follow link on the footer or sidebar. Practice is to stop the flow of link juice to spam comments posted on blogs

with a no-follow attribute. When we talk about the internal links on a site, a good practice is to allow the natural flow of link juice rather you control it with no-follow attributes.

To keep your inner page popular on the web and homepage your link juice must be distributed which can enhance the page rank for the home page.


How to get more Link Juice?

  • Pages that have relevant content to your site
  • Pages that have a high page rank
  • Pages that have Few outbound links
  • Pages that contain quality content.
  • Pages that appear high Serps.
  • Pages that have user-generated content.
  • Pages that are popular with social media audiences and they often come on social media.


Value of Link Juice

The most important thing we need to remember is that it measures how people are discussing your content, Website, and brand. Link juice really plays a vital role in google ranking and it’s the only way to build the reputation of the website and resources therefore the content of a website needs to be really good.

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